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The provincial education department on Thursday asked all education departments in the district to announce the results of exams in primary schools and publish books for the next school year, even as the department works on a plan to launch online courses for students.

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Primary and Secondary Education Department (K-PESED) has requested all education departments in the districts of the province to announce the results of the examinations for grades 1 to 8.

In a letter released Thursday by K-PESED’s director of education, he ordered district education departments to provide students with textbooks for the next few years so that the new school year can begin.

Online classes

Amid the novel coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and the lockdown that followed, the provincial education department is working on a plan to launch online courses to bridge the education gap created by the school closures .

KP Education Minister Akbar Ayub said on Thursday they “were in discussions with private schools about easing fees for parents amid the lockdown and different options are being discussed.”

Presiding over a meeting to discuss plans for an alternative course system for students in the aftermath of the pandemic, he declared the period during which schools will remain closed in the province as a summer vacation.

He assured that schools will be equipped with basic facilities such as solar panels so that they can resume work in the summer.

The minister added that all examinations in the province have been suspended until June 1, adding that a decision in this regard has been made given the coronavirus situation in the province.

Akbar said the provincial education ministry has launched an electronic transfer policy and now teachers will be transferred to desired areas without any political interference. The electronic transfer policy will bring transparency to the ministry.

In this regard, he revealed that some 15,000 teachers had submitted requests through the electronic transfer portal for transfers, he said. The minister said at least 22,000 people will be recruited from different cadres of the education department by the end of June.

Posted in The Express Tribune, April 10e, 2020.

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