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CHENNAI: Leaked question paper on revision exams at a popular school CBSE in Chennai caught in the eye of controversy after forcing its students to take a specific policy perspective regarding the violence of the the Republic which took place during the farmers’ protests in Delhi. He called the demonstrators “disbelievers” and “violent maniacs”.

The questions document received harsh reactions online for allegedly imposing political biases on students.

The English review exam paper for grade 10 students released by the school asked students to suggest measures to thwart “such violent maniacs who act under external instigation.”

The questions document said the farm law protesters “went on a rampage destroying public property and attacking police personnel in broad daylight.” The questions document said the event “filled the hearts of citizens with condemnation and horror.”

In the Writing section of the questionnaire, students were asked to write a letter to the editor of a daily condemning “such terrible and violent acts of disbelievers who fail to realize that the country comes before personal needs and gains” .

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While the school administration did not respond to questions via personal visits, calls and messages, a campus spokesperson said the principal asked them on Friday at noon, after the document was leaked, to “not allow any person, who was not a student, on campus.”

Carnatic singer and Chennai-based activist TM Krishna tweeted on Friday that “the incident and much bigger issue of farm bills is still being discussed, but here it is called ‘violent maniacs under external instigation'” .

Meanwhile, the students who took the exam said they were very confused seeing the question. One of the students in class 10 The new Indian express said he didn’t know how to answer this question. “We had the option to answer another question. So I chose that option. Some of my classmates told me that they just developed the same point of view expressed in the question because they didn’t ‘didn’t have to think much, “he said.

Another student said he did not agree with the idea proposed in the questionnaire and wrote a response opposing it. “However, we have not received our score sheet. I do not think I will be penalized for opposing the opinion posed in the question,” he said.

Many students wanted to keep quiet and remain anonymous because they feared the school would punish them for speaking out on the subject.

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