Sales tax exemption on school supplies begins Saturday



As the kids prepare to go back to school, Saturday is a good day to shop, as that’s when the back-to-school sales tax exemption begins.

Many families did not need to buy backpacks or lunch boxes last year as many were learning remotely and only had to walk to the kitchen for a lunch break. But that’s changing this year, and we’re already seeing the proof: Target and Walmart are already running out of a number of supplies, and the tax-free period hasn’t even started yet.

The most popular items are backpacks, lunch boxes, headphones and pencils. People WINK News spoke to at Target say they certainly expect more shipments of these last three items, but they don’t know if they’ll have more backpacks in stock; if you need them, now is the time to get them. When it comes to school uniforms and clothes, there seems to be no shortage of them anywhere.

Tax-free offers include:

  • School supplies like markers under $15
  • Any type of clothing or shoes, backpacks and wallets under $60
  • Any computer or computer accessory with a value of less than $1,000

However, there is a catch when it comes to electronics: computers are zero-rated under $1,000, but computer bags are not zero-rated. Printers are zero-rated, but not the paper for them. But accessories like chargers, keyboards and USB drives are covered by the holiday, and you’d better get them quick if you need them, as those are other items that start selling in stores on Thursday. .

Something you might find really useful are the school supply lists for every school in Lee County and beyond, with everything you need to get ready for the school year.

If you want to buy your back to school supplies online, you can still take advantage of the holidays, but you have to be careful; if a retailer sells their items online, they’re supposed to sell it tax-free, but if you sold your used laptop online, you wouldn’t technically have to sell it tax-free. As WINK News consumer reporter Andryanna Sheppard says, always check who the seller is.

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