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MADISON — With prices escalating on virtually all consumer goods, even a break on sales taxes can help. These savings are welcome as parents buy the items needed to get children back to school.

Alabama will hold its 17th annual sales tax holiday beginning July 15 at 12:01 a.m. and ending July 17 at midnight. The tax exemption allows shoppers to purchase designated school supplies, computers and clothing — without paying Alabama sales tax.

The Alabama State Legislature declared the “holiday” to allow a county or municipality to pass a resolution or ordinance at least 30 days before the third full weekend in July. Counties also have the option to exclude other taxes (county tax, municipal sales tax, use tax) during the same weekend, under the same terms, conditions and definitions as the sale provides. (

Clothing that costs $100 or less, per garment, is exempt from sales tax. However, clothing accessories, protective equipment and sports equipment are not exempt.

These taxable purchases include belt buckles (sold separately), cosmetics, handbags, tissues, sunglasses, face shields, safety glasses, ballerina flats, musical instruments, sports shoes crampons, life jackets, roller and ice skates and ski boots.

Residents will not pay sales tax on computers, including software and supplies, for a single purchase up to $750. However, sales tax applies to furniture, recreational devices, and video games that are not for educational use.

School supplies and instructional materials are exempt up to a maximum of $50. Most standard classroom necessities are included, such as book bags, tape, calculators, pencils, folders, glues, paper, pencils/pens, and scissors. Art supplies, maps, globes, books up to $30 are exempt. However, printed materials like magazines and newspapers require sales tax.

Before shopping, school families can access Madison’s student supply lists on Facebook/Madison City Schools or on each school’s website. In summary, the list for high school years includes loose-leaf paper, binders, notebooks, a scientific calculator (TI-30XS suggested), pencils/pens, dry-erase markers, highlighters, and more.

The elementary open house will be on August 1, middle school on August 9, and high school on August 11, all from 5-7 p.m. Most parents realize the practical purpose of open houses – of a child entering first grade who should see a smile on the teacher’s face or for a high school junior who needs advice on which classes will be the most beneficial now for college inclinations.

At the open doors, students can drop off their school supplies. Families can learn more about bus schedules, clubs, drug drop-off, cafeteria accounts, PTA membership and extended day registration.

Some elementary schools stagger open house hours by having students attend alphabetically by last name.

Each college and high school will organize a tour during the month of July. Sixth and ninth graders and new students can learn more about their new campus. The Bob Jones High School tour is scheduled for July 25. The James Clemens High School tour will take place on July 26.

For more information, call the Alabama Department of Revenue at 334-242-1490 or 866-576-653 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. content/uploads/2022/06/STHolidayQuickRefSheet22.pdf.

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