School activities need adequate facilities, by Jack Welch


We need facilities for our children to succeed. One of the most used facilities for all sports activities is an indoor training room. An indoor facility can be used by all sports. Indoor sports facilities are air-conditioned environments that allow everyone, from players to coaches to spectators, to enjoy the experience.

The benefits of having an indoor sports facility are numerous. Besides the ability to use the facility 24/7/365, the opportunities are limitless. Athletes can train all year round without being subjected to extremely hot or cold weather conditions. These types of facilities usually require a bond election.

It is difficult to pass mandatory elections. If there are needs for local children, then why is it so difficult? Two reasons are that people don’t want their taxes to go up and taxpayers are worried that they won’t be told the truth.

It is important for school districts to be honest with the public. Owners want to know the truth. By how much will their taxes increase and for how long.

Trust is important. If the community is transient, then the vast amount of people in the community will not be aware of previous bond elections. This will make it possible to forget the promises of the school boards of yesteryear.

When a district has an abundant fund balance and yet fails to provide students with quality facilities, one can only assume that the district is not effectively allocating taxpayer dollars. Taxpayers’ money is for the children, not for the bank. Having an abundance of fund balance dollars is a sure indication a surety bond is not required.

It is important to be transparent with district facilities and finances. For example, have you ever noticed that some districts allow school board members to use the facilities while other community members cannot? What about the use of the track, gymnasiums, sports fields and even classrooms? These are some of the issues that foster mistrust and abuse of power.

Many school board members are showered with gifts. Members should not accept gifts over $75. In addition, travel expenses for conferences and seminars sometimes become very complicated. Often what was meant to be a business trip becomes a miniature vacation. The initial trip secures the location only to allow members to use the trip for personal vacations.

In a historic age of education, let us hold our elected officials to a high standard. Let’s look for ways to create opportunities for our young people and remember what we promise. Our students need quality sports facilities and having an indoor gym is something anyone can use.

Thought of the week:

“The innocent’s confidence is the liar’s most useful tool.”

–Steven King

Dr. Jack Welch is a college football coach. He has a doctorate in education and coached college and high school football for 39 years. He is the author of the book titled Foundations of Coaching (2020). He can be reached at [email protected].

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