School supplies and free vaccines were distributed at Highland Park Secondary School on Saturday


TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Ten local churches and other organizations have teamed up to provide Topeka Public School students with supplies for the upcoming school year.

Craig Marriott says he’s so thankful the community cares enough about kids to host events like this.

“Many of us have struggled during the pandemic and so to be able to come here and get the resources for our children, especially with money so tight for a lot of families, is extremely helpful and all of these organizations and churches coming together are really awesome,” he said.

Along with new backpacks, pencils and low-cost sports physiques, Covid vaccinations were also available.

“They are taking this step to protect the children and we as parents also need to take this step to make sure our children are safe and back to school this year, I am just grateful that they are doing the injections and vaccines to give children and parents the opportunity to do so,” said mother, Samantha Lawton.

Delmar White, who is the pastor of New Mt. Zion Church, says he saw the need for school supplies several years before this event.

“About five years ago our church came together and our coordinator, Lisa Davis, found a way to give back to the community. So we started this on our church grounds and ended up bringing in 500 people on the ground,” White said.

Once they realized how many students in Topeka needed school supplies, they decided to join with other churches to expand their mission.

“Last year we decided we were better off together so we reached out and these ten churches that are here and sent and some of the other vendors got together so we did it on the grounds of our church and we created a plan on how we can get back together during covid and high school was very helpful and they said good to come to high school,” he said.

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