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Dollar General has new sales starting July 31, including school supplies, tea, cereal, laundry detergent, a gift card offer from Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops and more.

*These sales are valid for most stores in the Raleigh, NC area. Check the ad for your specific location to verify your General Dollar prices. Sales shown above are not a price guarantee.

$5 off $25

Get $5 off a purchase of $25 on Saturday, August 6, 2022 with the Dollar General digital coupon from their website.

Sales valid all week

These offers are valid from July 24 to 30, 2022.

Gift card offer

Get 10% off select gift cards including Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops.


Armour® LunchMakers®, $1

Clover Valley® tuna pouch, 2.6 oz, $1

Powerade, 28 ounces, $1

Brown ‘N Serve Banquet, Sausage Links 6.4 oz. Assorted, 2 for $3

Cheez-It® crackers, 6-7 oz, 3 for $5

Lipton® Tea, 64 oz, 2 for $3.50

Clover Valley Frosted Shredded Wheat, 18 oz, $1.95

Kellogg’s Cereal Corn Pops® 10oz, Apple Jacks® 10.1-10.5oz, Froot Loops® 10.1-10.5oz, Frosted Flakes® 13.5-13.7oz, Honey Smacks® 15.3 oz, Frosted Mini-Wheats® 14.3-18 oz, Raisin Bran® 15.9-16.6 oz, Rice Krispies® 9-12 oz, Special K®

Sale: 3 for $6

Coupon: $1/2 coupon from or

General Mills® Honey Nut Cheerios®, Cinnamon Toast Crunch®, Lucky Charms®, Reese’s Puffs®, Cookie Crisp®, Cocoa Puffs®, Trix® or Chocolate Toast Crunch® Cereal 10.4-12.4 oz.

Sale: 2 for $5

Coupon: $1/2 coupon from DG digital coupons

Total after coupon = 2 for $4

Lipton® Tea Bags 24 ct. or Hawaiian Punch 1 gallon, $2

Armor cooked ham, 12 oz, $2.75

Dr Pepper®, 7Up®, Canada Dry®, RC® Cola, Sunkist® or A&W®, 3 for $9

Lay’s® 4.75-8 oz. or Doritos® 6-10.75 oz, 2 for $6

Smithfield mild or hot sausage roll or patties, 12-16 oz, $3.95

Pizza Red Baron®, selection, 2 for $9

Pizza Tombstone®, selection, 2 for $9

Maxwell House® Coffee Wake Up Roast 30.6 oz. or Original 23oz, $6.50

McCafé® ground coffee 24 oz, $6.95

Salsa Herdez® 8.5 oz. or Taqueria Sauce 9 oz., BOGO


Febreze® Small Spaces, 1 unit

Sale: $3.25

Coupon: $2.25 DG digital coupon, $2.30 coupon from 07/31 PG

Palmolive® Ultra Dish Soap, 18 oz, 2 for $4 – $0.25 coupon from

Arm & Hammer® Liquid Laundry Detergent 25-32 loads/39.4-45 oz, 15 oz scent boosters, 100 ct dryer sheets. or Power Pods 14 ct.

Sale: $4.25

Coupon: $1.50 DG Digital Coupon

Total after coupon: $2.75

Mr. Clean® Multi-Surface Cleaner 45 oz. Assorted Fragrances or Magic Eraser 3 ct. or 8 ct. Sheets, 2 for $6.50 – $1 DG Digital Coupon

True Living™ or DG® home Low Splash bleach, 43 oz, $2.85

Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaner, $3.35 – $0.25 DG Digital Coupon = $3.10

Xtra Liquid Laundry Detergent, select 97.7-113.4 oz, $5.50 – $1 DG Digital Coupon = $4.50

True Living Ultra Soft or Strong Toilet Paper 12 Mega Rolls, $9.75 – $1 DG Digital Coupon = $8.75

Huggies® Little Snugglers or Little Movers

Sale: 2 for $20

Coupon: $2 DG Digital Coupon

Huggies Pull-Ups Jumbo Workout Pants

Sale: 2 for $20

Coupon: $2 DG digital coupon, $2 Pull-Ups coupon starting 7/10 SS

True Living™ Ultra Strong 18 Mega Roll Bathroom Tissue or Ultra 8 Huge Roll Paper Towels, $14.50 – $1 DG Digital Coupon = $13.50

Meow Mix® cat food, 9.28-10 lbs, $10.95

Heartland Farms® Grilled Favorites Dog Food 31 lb, Tender & Crispy 24 lb or Savory Sauce 30 lb or Outdoor Cat Food 24 lb, $17

School supplies

Assortment of Office Hub folders, rulers or index cards, 4 for $1

5 oz iMagine school glue, 3 ct glue sticks. or large glue stick 1 ct., $0.25

iMagine Crayons 24 ct., Large Glue Stick 1 ct. or pencil sharpener ct., 3 for $1

iMagine colored pencils, 12 pieces, $0.50

8 ct iMagine Pencils, 2 ct Erasers or Cap Gums 20 ct. or Crayola® Crayons 24 ct., $0.50

iMagine Fashion Pencils 8 ct. or Glitter Glue 4 oz., $0.50

Office Hub Index Dividers 5 ct. or 20 ct. sheet protectors, $0.50

Poly or Marble Composition Books or 1 College or Wide Ruled Subject Notebook 70 sheets, $0.50

Filler Paper Wide or College Ruled 125 sheets or Westcott® Kids’ Scissors 1 ct., $0.75

Pencil case or iMagine activity box, $0.75

BIC® Cover-it® Correction Fluid, 1 Subject Notebook College or Wide Ruled 70 ct. Matching folders or Office Hub™ Manila 10 pieces, $1

Fashion notebooks or poly composition mini books, $1

Office Hub™ Dry Erase Board with Marker, $1

Office Hub dry erase markers, 6 units, $1

Elmer’s® glue sticks, 3 pieces, $1.50

Crayola® markers, 10 units, $1.50

Sharpie® highlighters, 2 pcs, $1.50

Sharpie® fine point markers, 2 units, $1.50

BIC® Mechanical Pencil, $2.25-$1/2 DG Digital Coupon

Binders, from $2.25

Black Sharpie® chisel tip markers or black S-Gel TM pens or, $2.75

Office Hub multipurpose paper or 13-pocket folder, $3

Ticonderoga® Yellow Pencils 10 ct. or Office Hub™ Mechanical Pencil 18 pk., $3

Crayola® Super Tips Markers 20 ct. or Silly Scents Crayons 12 ct., $4

Backpack, $5

Back School Essentials Pack, Expo® Dry Erase Markers 4 ct. or Elmer’s® Slime 8oz, $5


*These sales are valid for most stores in the Raleigh, NC area. Check the ad for your specific location to verify your General Dollar prices. Sales shown above are not a price guarantee.

General Dollar Coupon Policy

* Dollar General accepts manufacturer’s coupons

* Dollar General offers store coupons on its website

* You can use a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon on the same item

* Dollar General does not take coupons from competitors

* Dollar General will not accept coupons for free items (BOGO coupons are accepted)

General dollar digital coupons: Dollar General now offers digital coupons that can be redeemed in stores. Sign up on their website and add the coupons to your account. Once you have gone to checkout, enter your phone number on the checkout keypad and your digital coupons will be applied. Digital coupons are available for one-time use.

Most of the digital coupons on their website are manufacturer coupons powered by These are manufacturers’ coupons and cannot be combined with other paper manufacturers’ coupons. Some of the digital coupons are Dollar General store coupons and they indicate on the website that they are store coupons. You can pair them with the manufacturer’s paper coupons.

You can view the full coupon policy on the Dollar General website.

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