Student Tries To Cheat On Law School Exam With Finely Engraved BIC Pens


A Spanish law professor recently shared one of the ingenious methods one of her students used to cheat on an exam – a dozen artistically engraved BIC pens.

Yolanda de Lucchi, a teacher at the University of Malaga, Spain, recently shared some very interesting photos on her Twitter account. She was apparently cleaning out her drawers when she came across one of the most ingenious cheating methods she and her colleagues had confiscated. A few years ago, one of his students tried to cheat on an exam by finely engraving the Code of Criminal Procedure on eleven BIC pens. A close-up of the pens really showcases the skill of the student, who has obviously put a lot of time and effort into his intriguing cheating technique.

Photo: Yolanda de Lucchi/Twitter

“The law of criminal procedure in BIC enclosures. What art!” the Spanish teacher tweeted, adding the hashtag “cheat sheets aren’t like they used to be.” She only shared the photos to show other fellow teachers her students’ ingenuity, but the tweet somehow came to life, receiving more than 280,000 likes on Twitter alone, as well as tens of thousands of retweets.

Interestingly, one of the people who replied to Yolanda de Lucchi’s viral tweet claimed to know the student who created and tried using the BIC pens and even posted another photo of other similar pens that the man would have created.

Photo: Yolanda de Lucchi/Twitter

“Hello Yolande. I know the author of this wonderful book perfectly well. In fact, he authorized me, ignoring his name, logically, to show you others that he still keeps at home”, wrote the twitter user. “The technique used by the artist, as he tells me himself, was to replace the graphite lead of a mechanical pencil with a needle, which allowed him to engrave the pen very easily.”

Gonzo, the artist’s friend, also posted a picture of the improvised engraving tool and added that his buddy would arrange the pens in order, to make them easier and less noticeable to read during exams.

Photo: Gonzo/Twitter

The artistically engraved cheat sheets have attracted a lot of attention online, with many praising the ‘artist’ for his patience, and others saying it would have been easier to study for the exam than to engrave. all those pens. De Lucchi herself praised her pupil, even though she failed him that year.

“Couldn’t happen today,” the teacher wrote. “Now students wouldn’t bother to have such a detailed cheat sheet for an exam. They live at the click of a button, by what happens instantly; it’s impossible to see today.

This is just one of the ingenious exam cheating techniques we’ve featured on Oddity Central over the years. In the past, we’ve seen exam answers painted on fingernails, Bluetooth devices surgically implanted in the ears, and even Bluetooth-connected flip flops.

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