The 20 Best Back-to-School Supplies (and Deals) from Amazon

It’s that time of year — when open days are fast approaching and your local supermarkets are starting to post stocking lists. A new school year is almost here, and for many families, shopping for back-to-school supplies is one of their favorite activities to do together at the end of summer. And if you’re too busy this year or your kid doesn’t like it, there’s always online shopping.

There’s something so special about letting your child choose their new backpack and lunch box and watching them fill it with blank notebooks, new pens and a shiny ruler in their favorite color. You can imagine all the new words they’ll learn to spell and the problems they’ll learn to solve, the book reports they’ll write, and the volcano dioramas you’ll stay up late building together.

You don’t have to shop in stores to feel the magic of back to school – browsing online together can be just as much fun as browsing the aisles (even more so with the limitless options available). Read on to see what Amazon has to offer.

1. Backpacks

Is picking out a new backpack the part of school supply shopping that excites your child the most? It’s so much fun for them to choose a color, character or design that shows their personality and decide how to organize all their new supplies inside. As a parent, you want one that will last through the school year without breaking or getting too dirty; the reviews on these two are proof that they can handle anything.

2. Lunch boxes

Bento-style lunch boxes are definitely having a moment, and the Bentgo brand has over 35,000 reviews from parents whose kids love it. If you’re looking for a traditional lunchbox that’s better suited for larger items, like sandwiches and a bottle of water, the FlowFly is perfect. Bonus points: it can clip onto any backpack.

3. Bindings

Does your child need a large binder to organize all their notes? A zipped binder with pockets and a built-in accordion organizer can help them separate science from spelling. For kids who need multiple binders, ordering a pack of four is the most economical option. Maybe you and your child can decorate them together before school starts.

4. Pencil cases

What good are all those new pens and pencils if they keep getting lost? A simple zippered pencil case can keep them contained and easy to find. If your child has a lot of writing supplies, a larger pencil case with interior pockets might come in handy (the EASTHILL case has nearly 30,000 Amazon reviews, so it must be doing something right).

5. Folders

Students of all ages need records. Whether they use them year-round to separate their topics or write book reviews, you’ll just need to have them on hand. A rainbow color 12-pack from Amazon is perfect for this. If your child really loves organization, SKYDUE Accordion Folders and Labels might be their new favorite school supplies.

6. Rules

You might think that all rules are created equal, but for elementary school students prone to dropping items or stuffing them in their backpacks, an unbreakable rule has a better chance of surviving the year. Westcott’s can take the messes of elementary school, or you can opt for a set of six and let your child choose their favorite color.

7. Notebooks

Notebooks are another fun back-to-school supply for kids, but when shopping at stores, there aren’t always fun colors to choose from. The Mintra Office Pastel Set is so cute, and your child will definitely be able to tell their notebook from that of their classmates. If your child isn’t too picky about their stationery, Oxford’s set of six gets the job done for less.

8. Pens

I must have them. A big box of BICs will never hurt you, and they won’t tempt kids to take them apart and play with the springs like ratchet pens do. For those who don’t disassemble their writing utensils, the BUNMO Ocean Clickers are a really cute collection of children’s pens (with refills included, so they’ll last a long time).

9. Pencils

#2 pencils are required by most schools, so while they’re pretty boring, they’re essential. Ticonderoga’s 36-piece box ensures your child will always have a pencil (and a spare pencil to lend to the child sitting next to them). But if it’s not a big testing day, fruit-flavored Smencils are a fun option. If their homework can smell like mango, why not?

10. Highlighters

Highlighters are one of the most fun school supplies for children – pens are black, pencils are lead. Where’s the neon pink? The Amazon Basics 12-pack ensures your child will have backups for each color. If your little one prefers pastels, the Alohaster six-pack is a super cute option (and might make her teacher’s highlighter envy).

Shopping for back-to-school supplies is often as much fun for parents as it is for kids – it’s like a fresh start. Now that you know where to find the best of the best, it will be easy and enjoyable.

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