The community of Limon welcomes the student leadership of the CHSAA

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to meet Wendy Pottorff, an extraordinary leader and CHSAA board member representing the Colorado Association of School Boards (CASB). We had a great conversation about my new role in the office and one of my first tasks: finding locations for our student leadership summits. As I shared the vision for what we were looking to do, Wendy immediately started talking about the leadership development that the students at Limon High School were involved in, how we might involve the Plains Schools of the Is and the overall positive impact it would have on student leaders across Colorado. I was drawn to her vision of what this could produce as much as she was drawn to CHSAA’s vision of creating multi-site leadership experiences. When we spoke a few weeks later and she informed me that the Lycée de Limon would be the host, I was overjoyed.

Wendy put me in touch with Shirelle Bandy, the Student Leadership Advisor and Building Advisor. When discussing accommodation with Shirelle, there was not the slightest hesitation as to what her school would be able to do. From the start, Shirelle had big plans. I loved his vision and his passion for this company and his strong desire to share this growth experience with his students. This was going to be great because Shirelle knew that her students, her building and her community would come together and create an event that would be by, for and about the leaders.

If you’ve never been to Limon High School, you probably have no idea that the success of their student leadership program is a product of the school’s overall culture. The principles of the program are anchored in the core values ​​and leadership standards adopted by the whole school. As building K-12, students of all grades have the 7 mindsets built into their curriculum. These mindsets are considered a great addition to a school’s socio-emotional learning program.

As someone who was only on campus for a brief period, I can tell you that the climate was conducive to the passion of the teachers / administrators and that the student leaders were eager to share with all the attendees that they were attending. ‘was about relations before the production of the event. One example comes from a conversation we had with the high school principal, Traci Weiensee. As LHS student leaders prepared for this summit, Ms. Weiensee gave them the opportunity to present their workshop in front of 9e grade students. After this presentation, the students had the chance to work on areas of growth, then they received an audience of 10e grade students. Think about it … When a school leader takes the time to create multiple opportunities like this, it allows you to see where that leader is placing their growth priorities. It’s not the only school where this happens, but it reminded us that SEA is as important as school learning.

Throughout the day, attendees shared leadership growth. John Register, the summit’s keynote speaker, shared his post titled “The Journey from Fear to Freedom”. In the post, he spoke of embracing this new normal, guiding them through the chapters of his own life where that term meant so much more.


LHS student leaders took participants outside for a tank building activity and lunch. The lunch was great! Prepared by the Prairie Ridge Buffalo Ranch, a local family ranch. After lunch, participants were officially introduced to LHS student leaders, class counselors and the 7 Mindsets. In the afternoon, the students worked in groups to consolidate their leadership development in the 7 mindset model. At the end of the summit, participants were treated to an ice cream, courtesy of Limon’s “What’s the Scoop” ice cream.

Am I glad that Wendy Pottorff and I connected and had a conversation about Colorado student leadership? Was it cool to work with someone as organized, passionate and visionary as Shirelle Bandy? How enlightening has it been for my executive assistant, Sandra Williamson, and myself to be in Limon and meet the student leaders and other school staff? Was it exciting to speak with Ms. Weisensee, who has played a major role in rooting a culture of leadership in the school? They say things happen for a reason. I would like to encourage counselors who might be looking for new ways to train leaders to contact Shirelle Bandy, Principal Traci Weisensee and / or Limon School District Superintendent Robert McMullen (whom we also want to thank for attending the summit. ). Once again, thank you to everyone who attended this summit. We look forward to visiting the Limon community soon, for other CHSAA sponsored events and activities.

John Register, keynote speaker

Shirelle Bandy, Student Leadership Advisor

If your school is interested in hosting or participating in a Student Leadership Summit, please email Rashaan Davis ( or Sandra Williamson ( for information.

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