The Highlands School of Naperville organizes a school supply drive for Haiti

The Student Activities Council at Highlands Elementary School in Naperville recently held a school supply drive for Center d’Etudes Lumière School in Mariani, Haiti.

This was Highlands School’s third annual school supply drive for the Haitian school. The leaders of this campaign were fourth and fifth graders who are passionate about helping children in this poverty-stricken country.

“The mission of Highlands SAB is to make our school and the greater Naperville community a better place through campaigns, student-led programs and community service. More than just a service organization, SAB is strives to develop the leadership skills of all its members.”

The adult leaders of the SAB are Anna Eriksen and Taylor Cruz.

To educate students about school supply needs in Haiti, Sue Sheehan and Nicole Waite, president of Haiti Scholars, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in Naperville, spoke with members and staff of the SAB. They featured photos of the students and the dire conditions at Mariani’s school. The fourth and fifth year students then made posters to display in the Highlands and made daily announcements about the whole student body awareness campaign.

A student said, “What we are doing here is really important. Everyone in Haiti lives in a hot climate. Living conditions are sub-optimal. They do not have access to school supplies. There is a shortage of pencils. I have so many pencils here! They fall from my desk. They are lucky if they have two. I just feel like we can give them so much.

Other comments from Highlands students include, “Bringing life to Haiti. Everyone here has everything they need. Everyone there still needs what we have.”


“I feel like it helps. They don’t have much there. They need more than they have. I think it’s really good that people have given.”

A teacher from the Highlands commented: “SAB’s involvement in this project extends our community involvement. Students realize that this is more important than just doing something for our school or our community.

After the ride, students from Highlands helped pack supplies to ship to Haiti. Haiti Scholars volunteers will ship school supplies to Haiti in barrels, which can sometimes take up to five months to arrive. When the barrels arrive, it’s effervescence! Thank you to the Highlands School community and the Highlands School Student Activity Council for your donations and hard work! You are making a difference in the lives of so many children in Haiti!

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