The New School Year Means Big Spending on Back-to-School Supplies


InvestigateTV – It’s time for kids to go back to school and according to the National Retail Federation, families with school-aged children spent an average of more than $840 on school supplies last year.

Virginia Credit Union financial coach Cherry Dale said sticking to specific items on the list would help cut costs. She also urged parents to contact the school if they run out of supplies.

“If a parent is having trouble funding these back-to-school items, I strongly encourage them to contact the school directly,” Dale said. “Many schools partner with community partners who provide free backpacks and school supplies to parents who need them.”

If you’re not worried about being able to afford supplies, Dale said it’s also a good time to teach your child the importance of giving back.

She suggested that when shopping with your child for their supplies, have them pick out something for another student who might need it. You could then donate it to the school together.

Dale encouraged parents to spread the cost over the summer to avoid using credit cards to pay for them.

If you need help getting supplies for your child, try contacting your local school district or a community organization, such as United Way or the Boys & Girls Club of America.

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