There is another scandal brewing over the Scottish school exam chaos and the government must learn from last year – Record View


One of the biggest scandals of the pandemic was the management of schoolchildren’s grades last year.

Scores were to be based on teacher judgment, followed by an SQA “moderation” system.

The reality was that the SQA model ended up disproportionately marking students in poor areas.

The fury led to a huge U-turn and the faulty SQA system was ditched in favor of teachers’ judgment.

John Swinney, then Secretary of Education, nearly lost his job due to the debacle.

Parents and students have been promised fairer treatment this year through a scoring system.

However, critics believe the replacement may be just as unfair as the farce that came before it.

A survey of fourth, fifth and sixth graders by the Glasgow Youth Council revealed some of the dissatisfaction.

There are allegations of leaks of exams and teachers giving information to students.

Part of the year was marked by e-learning and unequal access to wifi could also widen existing inequalities.

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This is not a way to run an education system and it could harm the chances of young people in life.

Students from disadvantaged neighborhoods already have fewer opportunities to attend universities and it would be a shame if their chances were even more limited.

There is a strong sense of a scandal brewing and the government may be forced to do another U-turn.

Perhaps the government needs to learn from the lessons of last year and take the initiative before it is forced into action.

Trauma for taxis

Taxi drivers are among the groups of workers hardest hit during the pandemic.

Covid restrictions caused people to take fewer taxis and proceeds fell through the ground.

The £ 1,500 for drivers announced earlier this year by the government was well received, but it was not enough.

The SNP then announced a second payment of £ 1,500 in the first 100 days of Nicola Sturgeon’s government, but drivers wanted more information.

As we reveal today, drivers are immediately asking for additional funds to help them and their families.

Their business was disrupted and some taxi drivers struggled to put food on the table. Their mental health has also suffered.

This week’s government summit with union Unite will offer more details on financial support.

Ministers are to give drivers the date when the £ 1,500 will be deposited into their bank accounts.

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