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Reddit rallies around a dad who won’t pay for school supplies for a good reason. He took to the ‘AITA’ forum to explain that his ex-wife recently took her daughter out to shop for back-to-school necessities. An important note: This ex-wife lives with her boyfriend (with whom she had an affair) and her daughter, who is around the same age as their child.

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“I make a lot more money than her, and I’m happy to pay those costs because we share equal parenting time and I don’t want my daughter to miss out on anything because of our new situation.” he explained. “My ex-wife asked me to help reimburse the costs. She claimed the total was around $350.

This number did not sound good to the father. That sounded like a lot for school supplies. He asked if she could show him the receipt and she got angry, saying “nobody keeps receipts” and that he was a “hole” for not trusting him. He started trying to figure out what the realistic price would be.

“I decided to get a rough idea of ​​what it should cost by pulling all the supplies out of Walmart, and the total came up to about $215. Based on this, I concluded that she probably bought our daughter and her boyfriend’s daughter at the same time, however, this is obviously just a hunch and I have no realistic way of knowing.

The two have a back and forth over it, with his ex-wife growing increasingly angry. Now the dad is turning to Reddit for help. Maybe the right thing to do is just pay for the supplies and call it a day? Reddit came with advice, wisdom, and reassurance that he was right to be suspicious.

“NTA. Asking for a receipt is a perfectly reasonable request, and how everything should be handled,” one user commented. “Also, it’s one of those things that tends to come up in later hearings, that one day you might wish you had documented.” They added an additional solution. “However, it would also be perfectly reasonable for you to pay $175 as ‘your other half’ and request that next time she simply provide receipts (which, coincidentally, would be perfectly in line with your actual cost estimate).”

People were divided on whether he should pay half or not. Some said he should contribute, even though his ex-wife had falsified the numbers. “It’s also not acceptable to contribute $0 – until she can prove otherwise, I would calculate a reasonable amount to donate,” one commenter suggested.

Others disagreed. “No receipt, no payment,” one person wrote. “She can take it out of her monthly child support check or she can go back to the store and tell them she needs a receipt for a certain day. All she needs is the credit card she paid with. Most stores can give it a receipt right away because it’s in their system.

What do you think? Should he pay?

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