Thousands of school supplies and resources donated to Houston families during Mayor’s Back to School Fest

On Saturday morning, the City of Houston provided thousands of families with dozens of resources ahead of this school year during the Mayor’s Back to School Fest.

The event held at the George R. Brown Convention Center had 25,000 backpacks with school supplies for each child who attended.

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“It’s very useful. These backpacks are full of stuff,” mother Irma Salazar said. “They are ready to go to school.”

But it didn’t stop there. The city has partnered with many state, local, and private organizations to provide these children with everything they might need, such as eye, dental, and general health checkups.

“You can get vaccinated, you can register to vote, so that’s been helpful throughout,” parent Milton Ortiz said.

Parents could also enroll their children in various extracurricular activities.

“All the information they offer, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, just things that people generally need and don’t know where to go for resources, I think that was the best,” mum Deyona said Nicholas.


It wasn’t just for kids either. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office distributed gun locks in an effort to combat rising crime.

Spokeswoman Sheri Cortez said: “We encourage parents to lock their firearms even if they are in their vehicles in the glove boxes because we are so high right now on guns stolen from vehicles. So far we’re up to 10 a day.”

Whatever was offered was all the more helpful for these families as high inflation impacted so many aspects of their lives.

“Anything helps,” added Ortiz. “Right now everything is so high, the prices on everything are high, so everything counts. If you can go out and get it, I will.”

This was the city’s first in-person back-to-school festival. The past two years have been driving due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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