Tippecanoe School Corporation Offers Students Free School Supplies, Lunches, and More | Local


TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – The fall 2021 school semester is fast approaching and Tippecanoe School Corporation students can expect several free programs ahead of this school year. The company offers free school supplies, free lunches, and even free or reduced book fees for some children.

Children are qualified only to be students of the Tippecanoe School Corporation, and with that, school leaders are still urging parents to enroll their children for this upcoming school year. This will help them gauge exactly how many students they will provide these free resources to. Superintendent Scott Hanback said this program currently serves approximately 10,000 students between all elementary and middle school students within the society.

Every K-8 student will receive a free school supply kit. Each box is filled with over 20 items that meet school supply classroom requirements for different grade levels. This is the second year that the school corporation has offered these free school supply kits to students.

A federally funded program also allows students nationwide, including TSC students, to receive free school meals, regardless of household income. This program also offers free breakfast to students.

Children who would normally be entitled to a free or reduced price lunch can now have their fees reduced or waived to read their books in class. Dr Hanback said it only works for qualified parents enrolled in the free and reduced meals program this year. He said that while school lunches are free for all students across the country, this free and reduced book option correlates with students receiving free and reduced lunch.

Hanback is happy to have been able to fill a financial void for families this year. He said on average, school supplies can cost families at least $60 per child.

“We know it’s an exciting time, we know people love shopping for school supplies, but if there’s just one less thing they have to worry about to start this school year, it’s something. that we think is just the right thing to do for our families,” Dr. Hanback said.

He looks forward to a positive school year despite the challenges caused by Covid.

“Our kids and our teachers have been through so much in the last school year, they’ve done some amazing things and we can’t wait to really get to know them,” Dr. Hanback said. “We can’t wait and look forward to bringing everyone together for this school year.”

New TSC parents must register their children for school in person at the school they will be attending.

Recurring TSC families can enroll in the school here.

Recurring TSC families who qualify for a free or reduced price lunch can register here. This will make those students eligible for free and discounted books.

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