Tips for saving the most money when buying back-to-school supplies

(WXYZ) – We’re in year two of back-to-school shopping during a pandemic. The National Retail Federation estimates that families will spend $ 849 on school supplies in the coming year.

Consulting firm KPMG said the average amount parents plan to spend per child this year is $ 268, a 9% increase from last year.

As more children return to class in August and September, shoes, clothing, and electronics are the commodities many parents are looking to purchase.

At Target, there are sales while supplies last. Classic Crayola markers are still a popular item, and they’re on sale, but some are already sold out along with several other items.

You have to remember that sometimes the price on the shelf does not reveal the lowest price.

When using the Target Circle app, there are also hundreds of hidden offers. A 34 point Sharpie package, for example, when you scan the barcode on the back, saves you $ 3.

Samantha Gordon, deals writer for Consumer Reports, says you can also find the Sony WFSP 800N wireless headphones for $ 98 at Best Buy and Amazon.

“If they want something on-ear, the Beats by Dre Studio 3 wireless headphones are a great option. They normally cost around $ 350. And currently at Best Buy you can get them for $ 200. it’s $ 150 off in some colors, “she said.

For laptops, she said the Macbook is on sale and the Acer Chromebook is a great budget option.

If you need to boost your WiFi, a new router may be on your list. The TP Link deco three-unit mesh system has six Ethernet ports.

“This is a Consumer Reports Best Buy, so it scores very well in our tests. And it is priced lower than other options in this category. It normally costs $ 190. And right now we are. Let’s see it for sale for $ 150 more on Amazon, “she said.

It’s always good to get kids excited about back-to-school shopping.

Gordon suggests that you don’t buy all of your child’s school supplies or clothing at the same time. She also suggests asking teachers immediately what items are needed, and then buying the rest in September when you find better deals.

Another idea is to go with a few other families and buy wholesale at places like Costco or Sam’s Club.

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