‘Trash Walker finds abandoned NYC public school supplies, food and COVID tests hours after schools close for summer

UPPER WEST SIDE, Manhattan (WABC) — New York’s public school supplies, food and COVID tests — all perfectly good — were found dumped in trash cans hours after schools closed for the summer.

The items were found by Anna Sacks, known as “Trash Walker” – and she certainly finds the goods.

“It could be an ironing board, dishes, towels, sheets, books,” she says.

The discarded items she and her friends collect are fully usable – some unique. She once found a 1980s lamp in the shape of a martini.

“He has an olive and he lights up,” Sacks said.

He was a keeper.

Sacks recently rummaged through trash cans outside some New York City public schools.

“I would also find lots of school supplies – it could be pencils, colours, watercolors, pens, paper,” Sacks added.

She also finds dozens of bags full of food and boxes of sealed tissues.

“It’s sad because there are children who need these supplies and resources,” said mother Amy Schrader.

“I go through the trash cans of one school at a time, and there are over a thousand schools in New York City,” Sacks added.

Everything is distributed on a hyperlocal Facebook giveaway page called “Buy Nothing”.

The Ministry of Education says teachers are encouraged to reuse and recycle school supplies. With regard to food, they say that when it is no longer fit for consumption, it is thrown away.

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