Warrick Co. colleges suspend all extracurricular activities


WARRICK CO., Ind. (WFIE) – The Warrick County School Corporation is suspending all extracurricular and athletic activities until January.

“Our passionate goal is to keep this school open in person for as long as possible. So it’s the basketball, the group, the debate, the math academy, ”said John Bertram, principal of Castle North Middle School.

School officials say the decision was made with advice from the health ministry.

“As part of our decision-making process, we looked at the numbers. And the number of teams that were fully quarantined worried us a bit, ”said Bertram. “Because when you take out an entire team, that’s a big block of a student body. If they unknowingly carried the virus as a result of the extracurricular activity and brought it into the building, that circle continued to widen. “

Bertram says that by pausing extracurricular and athletic activities at County Warrick College, it will avoid having to quarantine multiple students at once.

Bertram says six out of 12 teams at their college had to be quarantined at one point or another. Two are currently in quarantine.

“By nature, I am an extremely competitive person. I’m a former college athlete, and not doing competitions is very, very difficult for me on a personal level, but the primary function of a school is to educate children, ”said Bertram.

School officials say they want the students to stay in person and felt the move was necessary for that.

“We strongly believe that our educational services are delivered in person in a much more efficient manner than they are virtually,” said Bertram.

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