Williston High School Director of Activities David Mieure “relieved of his duties”


WILLISTON, ND – The director of operations at Williston High School was removed from his post this morning.

The announcement was made after David Mieure met with the Superintendent, Dr. Jeff Thake.

Mieure was hired as Director of Activities in 2017 and was initially tasked with filling a number of Head Coach positions.

Citing “hiccups” in some of the track and field programs and activities this year, Thake says it’s time to take a new direction.

“I would like to thank Mr. Mieure for his years of service to the District, the countless hours he has spent as Director of Activities and the countless kilometers he has driven in vehicles to get to sporting events and getting back to supporting our student athletes, ”Thake said.

Thake says he’s looking to the future and rebuilding the system from scratch.

“I’m really looking for a visionary leader who will help develop programs where we have a system and structures in place where accountability measures are in place, and I just look forward to what the future may bring,” he said. Thake said.

Thake says the new manager will be charged with “very high expectations.” The district opened the job for candidates this afternoon and Thake says he wants to have the right person in place as soon as possible.

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