Wormley has fun delivering school supplies


It wasn’t just about handing out the bags, however. Wormley spent time with the kids, answering questions and even funny comments from them.

“It wasn’t even a question,” Wormley said. “I think she was a kindergarten or first grade student and she didn’t have a question, she just said, I love unicorns. And that’s what she had in mind. what she felt in her heart, and she used her platform to let me know that she loves unicorns.

“But there were some really interesting questions about how long I’ve been playing football, the team aspect. I tried to relate it to what they do at school and how we prepare for the games. .I tried not to get bored only with the X’s and O’s in football, but to relate that to the studies for the tests and once they got their grade back, see what they did with it. wrong and try not to make the same mistakes again. ”

Wormley also posed for photos with the kids and just had fun getting to know them, which he failed to do last year when the pandemic prevented players from doing in-person events.

“The things I’ve done with the Steelers before have all been virtual,” Wormley said. “It was my first time to be in class, being with the kids and interacting with them was the best part of the day. They got some really cool school supplies, and they got some new books for the class. But the engagement and these interactions, I know a lot of them missed the past year and a half and so did I. ”

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